Basic Teaching References for College Instructors

Book Shelf No.1   The books for college instructors here on Book Shelf No. 1 have been selected specifically for new college instructors as well as for experienced instructors who want to brush up on teaching basics. Most college instructors enter the classroom for the first time with little or no formal formal training on how to teach. Many of them find out the hard way that college teaching is not easy. It r ..... READ MORE

How to Find a Part-time College Teaching Job

Find out what colleges and universities look for when hiring part-time (a.k.a. adjunct) college instructors and how they go about that process. A 2009 Money magazine article entitled “5 Ways to Pump up Your Income” recommended college teaching to part-time employment seekers. At many colleges, there are far more adjunct instructors than full-time faculty members. This means there are many part-time opportuniti ..... READ MORE

The 3 Most Important Things to Know When Seeking a Part-time College Teaching Position

What are the three most important things to know in order to find part-time college teaching jobs? General Advice for Finding a Part-time College Teaching Job A June 2010 article entitled Part-time Employment as a College Instructor emphasized the qualifications required of a college instructor. Job postings normally state the requirements for education and experience quite clearly, but the unstated requireme ..... READ MORE