Community Colleges Offer More Than You Might Think

No matter what one wants to learn, chances are that a two-year college can help. Find out why everyone should get to know their local community college. Community colleges offer programs and services for just about everyone. There are programs for degree seekers and career changers. There are developmental programs for those without a high school diploma and individuals who want to learn English. There are programs ..... READ MORE

How to Find a Part-time College Teaching Job

Find out what colleges and universities look for when hiring part-time (a.k.a. adjunct) college instructors and how they go about that process. A 2009 Money magazine article entitled “5 Ways to Pump up Your Income” recommended college teaching to part-time employment seekers. At many colleges, there are far more adjunct instructors than full-time faculty members. This means there are many part-time opportuniti ..... READ MORE

Am I a Good Teacher?

I don't like the way I feel! How do you know you are a good teacher if you are just starting out? One way is to ask yourself, “HOW do I feel?” Another way, a better way, is to ask yourself, “WHAT do I feel?” Feelings of a College Instructor College instructors experience a variety of feelings and emotions, some more so than others. Some of the most prominent emotions that good teache ..... READ MORE