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“Blogs as Tools for College Instructors”

“Blogs have grown increasingly popular among college instructors and their students. They serve a variety of purposes, all aimed helping students learn.”

“Bloom’s Taxonomy Basics”

Does the application of Bloom’s Taxonomy to teaching help students learn at a higher level? The answer is yes. It can turn a student into a thinker.

“The College Instructor’s Guide to YouTube”

“YouTube videos are online resources that can be incorporated into classroom instruction to provide effective learning opportunities for college students.”

“Community Colleges Offer More Than One Might Think”

“No matter what one wants to learn, chances are that a two-year college can help. Find out why everyone should get to know their local community college.”

“Community Colleges – What Are They?”

“They are often referred to as “junior colleges,” but there is nothing junior about them. Community Colleges offer a wide array of high quality programs.”

How to Find a Part-time College Teaching Position

Looking for extra income?  For those with the appropriate college education and experience, adjunct teaching can be a great choice.

“How to Prepare for the First Day of Class”

Want to learn about some helpful teaching resources and get tips for that first day of class?  Then this article is for you.

“The Khan Academy”

Find out why is the Khan Academy one of the best, most innovative educational resources?

“A Parent Guide for Helping College Students”

“Learn what parents can and cannot do to help their college students and how to avoid becoming a ‘Helicopter Parents’.”

“Part-time Employment as a College Instructor”

“Find out what colleges and universities look for when hiring part-time (a.k.a. adjunct) college instructors and how they go about that process.”

“Servant Leadership Basics”

“What is servant leadership, and what are the characteristics of servant-leaders”

“Teaching Children to be Creative”

“A recent study has shown that while IQ’s are going up, children are less creative than they were 20 years ago.”

“What College Students Should Know Before Taking a Summer Course”

“College students must approach summer courses differently. Failure to do so may result in an unpleasant surprise, possible even a failing grade.”

“Why Students Don’t like School”

“Every parent and every teacher should know this prevalent reason why many children don’t like school.”

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