50 Roles for College Faculty – Actor

Actor College instructors are on stage in every class.  They play to a tough and demanding audience that occasionally includes a few critics.  The reality, however, is that instructors have bad days.  They may be tired.  They may have troubling personal problems.  They may not be feeling well.  Yet, the show must go on.  They have to act the part in which they have been cast. At times instructors need to ma ..... READ MORE

College Teaching Tip of the Week – Vol. 1 Issue 3

Make YouTube Work for You Prominent learning theories tell us that when students learn by both seeing and hearing, they are more likely to retain that information.  Therefore, to help your students prepare for class, consider having them watch YouTube videos.  There are free online videos that relate to nearly every college course.  Assign the videos as “homework,” and consider posting the URLR ..... READ MORE

College Teaching Tip of the Week – Vol. 1 Issue 2

How to Ask Students Good Questions Here are ten strategies an effective college instructor should use: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Prepare questions in advance, ones that will promote student learning. Don’t be too rigid.  Improvise.  Adapt to your students’ responses. Avoid yes/no questions, especially ones like, “Did everybody understand that?” and the totall ..... READ MORE

50 Roles for College Faculty – Academic Counselor

Academic Counselor As a faculty member, it is important to know college rules and follow policies before you offer academic counseling advice to your students.  Don’t overstep your bounds!  However, a good instructor’s goal is student success, not just student command of subject matter, which is why many instructors also play the part-time role of counselor. Furthermore, this is a way to show your students y ..... READ MORE

College Teaching Tip of the Week – Vol. 1 Issue 1

Teaching College Students During the Summer Summer courses are compressed, but many of your students only think about them being shorter. Make sure your students understand that they will need to work harder. The old  Rule of Thumb says students should study 2 to 3 hours for each hour in class, but that applies for 16-week semesters. If you are teaching a 3 credit hour course in an 8-week summer session that t ..... READ MORE

50 Roles for College Faculty

Which Roles Are the Most Challenging for You? The job of a college instructor is demanding.  A successful faculty member must wear many, many hats.  Here is a list of 50 roles that  college instructor may play. The list below is provided courtesy of Adjunct Assistance. What do you think?  Which roles are the most challenging?  Perhaps you can think of a few challenging ones that are not on the list. The 50 R ..... READ MORE

Just the Beginning

A One Stop Shop for College Faculty The appearance and structure of this website are under development.  Beginning soon, you will find articles to help you become the best college instructor you can be.  This will include advice for avoiding many of the problems that confront new faculty members plus tips for dealing with difficult situations.  There will also be a catalog of reviewed and recommended web referen ..... READ MORE