Am I a Good Teacher?

I don't like the way I feel! How do you know you are a good teacher if you are just starting out? One way is to ask yourself, “HOW do I feel?” Another way, a better way, is to ask yourself, “WHAT do I feel?” Feelings of a College Instructor College instructors experience a variety of feelings and emotions, some more so than others. Some of the most prominent emotions that good teache ..... READ MORE

Establishing Rapport with Your Students

In March of 2010, I posted an article on Adjunct Assistance entitled Establishing Rapport with Your Students.  Recently, a reader commented that she thinks number 9 is the most important. The 10 tips are listed below.  Refer to the Adjunct Assistance article for more information. Cast your vote in the poll at the right.  What do you think is the most important thing for a college instructor to do in order to est ..... READ MORE

Tip of the Week – Student Evaluations

Student Evaluations Make sure you understand your college’s policy for executing student evaluations. Most commonly, you are required to leave the room while students fill out their evaluations. You will, most likely, be required to assign a student to oversee the process. Be sure of three things: Before you leave the classroom, you should emphasize how important your students’ feedback is to you ..... READ MORE

Four Traits of Great College Instructors

( Reprinted with permission from ) … or, how getting straight C’s puts you at the top of the class. First, my thanks go out to Mark Williams from the Illinois State Board of Education. As Division Administrator for Career Development & Preparation, Mark provided the keynote address to a large group of Career and Technical Education (CTE) professionals gathered at our college. While ..... READ MORE

Dealing with Grade Appeals

( Reprinted with permission from ) Recently, four people found Adjunct Assistance with the search phrase “advice for dealing with grade appeals,” which prompted me to write this article. The best advice I can give for dealing with grade appeals is stick to the facts. However, the grade appeal process starts long before grades are assigned. It starts by taking steps to avoid grade appea ..... READ MORE

The 3 Most Important Things to Know When Seeking a Part-time College Teaching Position

What are the three most important things to know in order to find part-time college teaching jobs? General Advice for Finding a Part-time College Teaching Job A June 2010 article entitled Part-time Employment as a College Instructor emphasized the qualifications required of a college instructor. Job postings normally state the requirements for education and experience quite clearly, but the unstated requireme ..... READ MORE

10 Terrible Mistakes College Teachers Make

( Reprinted with permission from ) Confused about how to teach? The best thing you can do is avoid mistakes. There are 10 Terrible Mistakes College Teachers Make. Learn how to avoid teaching mistakes. Most of the college instructors I have known don’t make these 10 terrible mistakes. The ones who do don’t last long. Here are 10 ways in which instructors, mainly new adjuncts, demons ..... READ MORE

Bloom’s Taxonomy

(Reprinted with permission from For years, Bloom’s Taxonomy has been near the top of the list of college teaching advice. recently, I wrote another article on this subject. If you haven’t read my first article yet, it was Bloom’s Taxonomy for College Instructors. You will find my new article, Bloom’s Taxonomy Basics, in the online magazine I am prohibi ..... READ MORE

College Instructors Must be Prepared

College faculty members must be prepared to teach, and they must also be prepared to deal with difficulty situations. Students may challenge the instructor’s authority. Students may display disruptive behaviors. They may use inappropriate, even threatening language. The college instructor must be prepared to deal with these situations.   In the same way that stand-up comedians prepare to deal with he ..... READ MORE