How to Avoid Teaching Mistakes

It began as a serious article about college teaching mistakes. Then it morphed into an article published on entitled You Might Be a Redneck College Teacher If …

Is there a serious lesson to be learned from this silly article?

Know What You Need to Know

Many of the mistakes new college instructors make result from assumptions … incorrect assumptions that is. Unlike what is suggested in the above referenced article, it is doubtful that any college instructor thinks that distance education is when you have to walk more than 10 miles to get to school. And it is a virtual certainty that no teacher at any level would think a laptop is another name for a napkin. But problems arise when instructors think they know what they don’t know.

Websites like Adjunct Assistance provide valuable advice for college instructors, new and experienced alike.  Another website filled with excellent advice is Honolulu Community College’s Teaching Tips.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of books written about teaching.  Some of the best reference books for new teachers are listed on the Adjunct Assistance website.

And don’t forget to search your college’s website.  Many colleges and universities have valuable online information and resources specifically for faculty.  Park University’s guide for creating a syllabus is an example.  Park provided a well-detailed how-to guide for writing a syllabus.  But as you scan down, you see that they also identify specific requirements for those who teach at their university.

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