50 Roles for College Faculty – Actor


College instructors are on stage in every class.  They play to a tough and demanding audience that occasionally includes a few critics.  The reality, however, is that instructors have bad days.  They may be tired.  They may have troubling personal problems.  They may not be feeling well.  Yet, the show must go on.  They have to act the part in which they have been cast.

At times instructors need to mask their true feelings, and that too requires acting.  Instructors may become angry with students, their college, other faculty, almost anyone or anything.  It is unwise to display that anger in class, because it sets a tone that is not conducive to learning.  Consequently, the instructor must act.

There are other circumstances that prompt acting, but there is one bit of acting that seldom works well.  An instructor cannot act like he or she cares about the students and their learning.  If it is not in his or her heart, it would take an academy winning performance to mask the truth.  Remember, some students are accomplished critics.

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