College Faculty Who Provide Academic Counseling

The Instructor’s Role in Counseling

If you do the math, you soon realize that the ratio of students to counselors at your college is pretty high. Here is where the instructor can provide a valuable service, but he or she must know what to talk about, what not to talk about, and when to refer students to an academic counselor.  Know your college’s policy, and don’t overstep your bounds.  If you artraie not supposed to provide academic counseling adivce, don’t do it.  Furthermore, don’t don’t attempt to provide personal counseling.  Having said that, here is some of the advice you may want to share with your students:

1. Changes to Curricula – Tell them about new courses, new degrees, etc.

2. Unique Course Scheduling Issues – Some courses at your college may only be offered at certain time.if your course is a prerequisite for another course,

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