User-Friendly College Teaching Advice

College Teaching Tips will undergo a makeover during the next few months making it similar in appearance to the Adjunct Assistance website. Adjunct Assistance is now easier to read; and the new, user-friendly, design helps readers find the articles they want to read.

User-Friendly Advice for Teachers

College instructors – current and aspiring – can now easily find exactly what they are looking for on the Adjunct Assistance website. Topics are organized in a list that appears at the left. Readers need only scroll down the list, find the topic that interests them, and click.


The list of topics is divided into nine categories, each with sub-categories:

  1. General Information About Adjunct Assistance – These articles provide general information about Adjunct Assistance.
  2. Characteristics of Good College Instructors – From necessary computer skills to personality traits, there is information you can use to assess yourself as a college instructor. This category also includes my series on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Instructors in which I apply Stephen Covey’s advice to the art of teaching.
  3. Colleges & Universities – If you have been teaching at the college level, you probably know some of what is contained in these articles. But I bet you don’t know everything. Check them out.
  4. College Teaching Jobs – These articles are geared toward prospective college instructors looking for teaching positions. There is valuable information pertaining to adjunct positions as well as tenure tract positions.
  5. College Teaching Basics – These articles provide very basic advice instructors launching their teaching careers. The subcategories include: 1) Preparation & Planning; 2) Course Syllabus; 3) Student Assessment Techniques; 4) Grading; and 5) Classroom Management.

  6. How Students Learn – It is vitally important that college instructors understand how students learn in order to meeting the learning needs of a diverse student population. The material in these articles cover is what I consider to be the basics every instructor should know. I did my best to keep it down to earth for those who have little or no background in educational psychology, but rest assured that the advice is supported by educational research.
  7. Getting to Know Your Students – I could not decide which topical area applied best to these articles. However, since this ability can make or break a college teacher I made it a category of its own.
  8. Teaching Tips & Techniques – These articles provide valuable advice for all college instructors – from first time adjuncts to longtime tenured professors.
  9. Problems Instructors Face – The art and science of teaching at the college level has become increasingly difficult over the years. These articles bring awareness to instructors with little or no prior college teaching experience. They also provide advice for experienced instructors who struggle with problems like poor student performance, disruptive and disrespectful student behaviors and the dreaded “Helicopter Parent.”
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